DSC_6967 - Version 2Every now and then your kids do something that makes you proud: they spontaneously put their dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, or take their school uniform out of their bag on Friday night instead of leaving it there all weekend and pulling it out, creased and scrunched, on Monday morning. Sometimes, they do something especially nice: compliment a sibling, or turn and wave at you as you drop them at school. And occasionally, they do even more than that…

Recently, our eldest daughter had to write a short story for English. She was stuck for a topic, and I suggested she write about something that’s important to her and that way she’d really want to write the story. Away she went and came back with a story about gay marriage. Yep, it surprised me, too, although it shouldn’t have. She tells the story of a father whose son has just told him he is gay. It is told in little vignettes that show the father’s journey towards acceptance of his son. The story ends with a kiss, at the marriage of the son to his partner.

As I read, my chest swelled. Here was a child who was aware of what was going on in the world, someone who wasn’t bigoted, who believed in equality, and who had the courage to state her opinions. What’s more, she’d said it in a beautiful way.

I felt like I must be doing okay as a parent.

I was a very proud mum.


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