I was born in this country. I was well-nourished and clothed and when I was sick, I had access to good medical care. I was given a good education, able to go to University and I could work in the career of my choice.

I am grateful for this: for the fact that I was born here, in Australia. I wasn’t born in a country at war, or under an oppressive regime. I didn’t grow up with a minefield in my backyard. Nor did I grow up in a makeshift tin house beside a rubbish tip. I haven’t had to rely on the generosity of others to keep me alive because my country is in famine. I haven’t had to flee my home country and seek refuge in a foreign country.

For whatever reason, it was ordained that I would be born in Australia. It was luck, pure chance that I was born here, in this country of abundance and freedom. What a gift!

As Australians, we have everything we need. The announcement today that the Liberal Party plan to reduce Australia’s foreign aid if they are elected to govern is, to my mind, selfish. I shouldn’t be surprised, coming on top of the decision by both major political parties to process asylum seekers off-shore.

Shouldn’t we share our wealth with people in need? Shouldn’t we share our wealth and our land with people who have not had the good luck to have been born here?

Every person on this planet is precious. Not just us.

When we go to the polls tomorrow, please show humanity. Show the world that we are not a selfish nation. Show that we, as Australians, know that we have been blessed and are willing to share. Show that we do not want to keep our nation’s wealth to ourselves.

Show that we care. About people and the planet. Show that we know that this earth, upon which we rely for water and food and breath, is as precious and fragile as every life born unto it.

Vote Green.

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