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After almost every blog post, I worry that I’ve revealed too much about myself or my family. It keeps me awake at night — the fear that I’ve exposed too much, or made myself look stupid, or upset people I didn’t mean to upset. I worry, too, for my kids — that I’ve revealed too much about them and made them vulnerable.

Indeed, I worry every time I write something personal — this post will be no exception.

So, I’ve tried to think of subjects other than my personal life for my blog:

  • The secret to peace and serenity from someone who hasn’t found it yet.
  • How to write a novel that might be crap and not get published.
  • Medical advice from a doctor who ceased practising over three years ago.
  • Homemaking advice from someone who puts on an apron to slip bought lasagne in the oven.

But, I don’t think any of those would work. You see, I’m not an expert on anything and I can’t pretend to be, which leaves me blogging about the only things I do know something about: my life, my family, my memories.

I enjoy reading personal blogs. I drool over sites with stylish photos of someone’s home-cooked meals, made from their home-grown veggies, and arranged on a perfectly set table. I love seeing photos of children who look as if they’re straight from a Napi-San ad, as they skip and dance across neat, green lawns.

I love these sites and I wish I could create that. If only I could change this:

My son's room

My sons’ room

And wardrobe

And wardrobe

And wardrobe shelf

And shelf

And similarly for the rest of the house. But I can’t be bothered. Nor is it me. So I pop another ready-made meal into the oven and retreat to my computer …

There are other personal blogs with which I do identify — honest, down-to-earth, imperfect, soul-revealing blogs, where the authors talk about their lives or their kids or their art or the state of society, and go deeper, letting me glimpse the real person behind the post. They expose themselves, make themselves vulnerable, they’re honest, and that’s why I love reading their writing. Sometimes, I have an ‘Aha!’ moment and learn something as I read. Other times, I feel like they’ve reached into my mind and plucked out my thoughts — someone else has put my feelings or beliefs into words, and I learn that I’m not alone.

These are my favourite blogs and, I’ve realised, in each one the author has made themselves vulnerable, has exposed themselves to their reader, and I appreciate that.

That’s what I’m trying to create here. I’m not there yet, but I’m trying and learning as I go.

So these are the reasons I write what I write. Basically, it’s all I have to give right now — me, inside-out with the seams exposed and the tag showing. I hope it’s enough …


Do other bloggers worry about getting too personal on their blog? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts …


By the way, here are a few other blogs that I enjoy reading:

Kristen Levitzke writes lyrically and thoughtfully about mothering, life and writing.
Emily Paull‘s blog overflows with bouncing book reviews written in Emily’s quirky, and conversational style.
Annabel Smith, author of Whisky Charlie Foxtrot, writes truthfully about the writing process and the business of writing.
Mrs Smith has sensitive and heartfelt snippets on life as the wife of a luthier and mother-of-three in Tasmania.
A Little Bird Made Me is an informative blog on sewing and craft and whatever else is going on in Theresa’s busy life of work and single parenting.
My Mia’s Art showcases Mia’s beautiful art work and photography and her reflections on the creative process.
I have recently discovered Jessie Cole‘s blog and writing, and love reading her long, thoughtful essays and short stories.



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