I tried not to write this, but I can’t let Australia Day pass without saying it:

To the Indigenous People of Australia,

I acknowledge you were the original custodians of this country.
I’m sorry that my ancestors wanted this land for themselves and so denied that you already lived here.
I’m sorry you were dispossessed.
I’m sorry you were massacred.
I’m sorry you were unfairly jailed.
I’m sorry that some even denied you were human.

I hope that one day, and soon, an Australian Government will reach out with the aim of true understanding and genuine reconciliation. I think that we’re becoming more sensitive to our past — certainly my kids’ generation seem to be. I am optimistic that one day it will happen — that one day we will all be united and that one day we will celebrate a true national day. Together.

I love this country and I’m glad I live here — it’s a part of me now, too. I’ve learned a lot about this place from you — about the land, the animals, and about how to live with and alongside without domination. You did a heck of a better job of looking after it for 40,000 years than we have done for the past two hundred and thirty.

I hope we can continue to learn from you.

Thank you.


Governor Davey's Proclamation, Van Dieman's Land 1830

Governor Davey’s Proclamation, Van Dieman’s Land 1830



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