During 2020, I ran two successful mentoring groups for writers and I’ll be opening up more spots in 2021. At this stage, I’m taking expressions of interest, so let me know if you’d like to join one of the groups. 

The mentoring groups offer an integrated approach to writing. The meetings and discussion, write nights and workshopping of excerpts from your manuscript, all aim to improve technique and confidence, and maintain motivation.


  • Once a Month Meeting
    The monthly meetings are in person and run for about 2 – 2.5 hours. During the first half, you discuss your manuscript, writing and any issues you’ve encountered over the preceding weeks. Sometimes, I give a short tutorial on an issue related to writing. The second half of the meeting is for workshopping excerpts from members’ manuscripts. The feedback is given in an encouraging way, aiming to improve the piece.
  • Fortnightly Write Nights 
    This is via Zoom. During this session, we write to a prompt and there’s the opportunity to read your writing to the group afterwards. The prompts and exercises are targeted towards learning, and these sessions are a safe place to practice new skills.
  • Weekly Shut Up and Write
    A one-hour writing session via Zoom. This is time to work on your manuscript at your own pace.
  • Membership of a Private Facebook Group
    This is the place to ask questions as they arise and where we set goals for the week. I also share any writing-related tips, podcasts or news here.
  • Small Groups 
    Group have a maximum of six members.



  • to start writing and keep writing
  • to learn more about the craft and technical aspects of writing  
  • to gain confidence as a writer
  • to learn more about the creative and writing process and find a routine that works for you
  • to provide support, encouragement and motivation for each other 
  • to provide a safe place to workshop your pieces
  • to provide accountability and set (achievable) goals 
  • to meet and mix with like-minded people

Meetings centre around group members, so the discussion depends on the issues raised, but we’ve covered topics like:

  • Voice
  • What makes a good scene
  • How and where to start
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Establishing a writing routine
  • How to stay motivated
  • Writers’ block and what to do when you can’t write
  • Dealing with the internal critic and self-doubt
  • Coping with negative feedback and rejection
  • How to edit your own work

Writing a book is a long, solo trek, and joining a group such as this makes it less lonely, builds confidence, improves your writing and inspires you to keep going. The ultimate aim is to get you working regularly on a project you’re passionate about and to feel confident in yourself as a writer. 


$75 per month + GST
The groups will run over nine months, with a commitment for the first six months at least.

If you’re intestested in joining one of these groups for 2021 or want more information, click here.

For more information on Private Mentoring, click here.