If you feel you’d benefit from meeting with other writers for support, encouragement, motivation and the chance to talk writing with like-minded people, I now run mentoring groups for writers.

The groups go for six months and we meet once a month for about 2.5 hours. During that time, I give a presentation on a writing-related topic and each writer brings any issues they’ve experienced over the preceding month for discussion. 

There’s also a private Facebook group to complement the meetings, so I’m on hand (along with the rest of the group) to answer questions as they arise and give support when needed.

The aims of the group are:

  • to provide support and encouragement because writing a book is hard
  • to learn more about the craft and technical aspects of writing a book
  • to provide accountability and set (achievable) goals 
  • to learn more about your own creative and writing process and discover a writing process that works for you
  • to meet and mix with other like-minded people for support and motivation

Topics I’ll cover in my talks will include:

  • Establishing a writing routine that works for you
  • Finding and trusting your own writing voice and style
  • Writers’ block and what to do when you can’t write
  • Dealing with the internal critic and self-doubt
  • Coping with negative feedback
  • Seeing the wood for the trees when editing your work

Writing a book is a long, solo trek, and this group is intended to make it feel less lonely as we head towards those magical words, ‘The End’.

Group numbers are capped to keep them small.

By the end of the six months, I hope each writer will feel more confident in their writing and inspired to keep going. 

Cost $396
(inc GST; payment plans available)


One-on-one mentoring, including reading 10,000 words plus a 1-hour meeting to chat about your project (in person if you live in Perth or via Skype/Zoom if not) once a month for six sessions.

Cost: $1,890
(inc GST; payment plans available)

If you’re interested in mentoring or have any questions, let me know via the Contact page.