For the past coupel of years I’ve run mentoring groups for writers. Because they were so successful, I’ll be running them again at some stage this year. It is an integrated program run over a number of months to help writers move forwards with their books.

If you’d like to join one of the groups, let me know

The aims of the groups are to:

  • learn better writing skills
  • learn about story structure
  • set (achievable) goals and provide accountability 
  • help each other stay motivated
  • start or progress your book
  • feel more confident about your writing


  • Once a Month Meeting
    In-person for about 2 hours. The first hour is spent workshopping 5,000-word excerpts from members’ manuscripts—each member gets to workshop excerpts twice during the 6-month period. The second hour is for a tutorial, discussion and a writing exercise. 
  • Fortnightly Write Nights 
    These are held Tuesday fortnights via Zoom or in-person at Mattie Furphy House. You write to a prompt and read your work to the group. The prompts and exercises are targeted towards technique and practising new skills.
  • Membership of a Private Slack Group
    This is the place to ask questions between meetings and set goals for the week. It’s where I share writing-related guides, tips and news.


The groups suit writers of any level who are working on a book-length project of any genre: fiction, non-fiction, short stories, memoir.

Daytime and evening groups to cater for people who work.

Numbers are capped at six per group.

If you’re intestested in joining one of these groups for 2021 or want more information, click here.

For more information on Private Mentoring, click here.