As a writer, it can be difficult to be objective about your own writing and see the strengths and flaws in your work. Once you have spotted the faults, it can be even harder, to know how to correct them. 

We’ve all been there, lost in a forest of words, knowing there is something awry but unable to put our fingers on the actual problem. 

External eyes can provide an objective perspective: they can spot an overwritten scene or a plot hole or where the story has gone off on a tangent. In other words, they can see the wood on the trees, as well as the overall view of the forest and possible pathways through it. 


I can be another set of eyes.

When it comes to storytelling, I am particularly skilled at developing character and story. I also love the music of language and am a grammar pedant. 

Due to the personal nature of writing, I understand how hard it can be to hear negative feedback, and I treat every author and their manuscript with respect, sensitivity and, of course, confidentiality. 

I love appraising fiction (commercial, literary and short stories), non-fiction and memoir, but may not be the best person for speculative fiction, fantasy, children’s, poetry collections, or spiritual/religious books. 


1. A close reading of your manuscript, particularly looking at:

Order and cohesion of story
Plot gaps and bumps
Character development and consistency
Pacing, tension and maintaining reader interest

2. A summary report with suggestions and tips

3. Hand-written annotations on your manuscript – a marked-up manuscript in Track Changes can be provided at extra cost

You may choose to add a meeting via Zoom to discuss – see below for cost


1. A marked-up manuscript in Track Changes – provided at extra cost

2. Proofreading – I comment on and correct occasional grammar and punctuation errors only 

3. Fact-checking


1. Completion of a short questionnaire to ascertain what you want from the appraisal and ensure I am able to provide it 

2. The agreed number of words/chapters – see below for rates

3. A one- or two-page synopsis of your work-in-progress – dot points are fine


Up to 30,000 words, allow 2 weeks from receipt of manuscript
<60,000 words    =  3 weeks
<90,000 words    =  4 weeks
<120,000 words  =  5 weeks



Please send your manuscript as a Word or Pages Document with double-spacing and standard margins, in a twelve-point standard font (e.g., Times New Roman, Droid Serif). Number the pages and include a header with your name and the title of your work. 


My appraisals are particularly thorough as I mark up the manuscript and my reports include tips on technique. They’re perhaps best described as a cross between an appraisal and a structural edit.

I generally allow 2 hours per 10,000 words plus 2 – 4 hours to prepare the report, and I need to see a writing sample before I can provide a definitive quote.

If you’re interested, please contact me for more information