Varuna - the house

Varuna – the house

I interrupt normal blog transmission to share breaking news of the novel’s progress:

I have been selected as a 2014 Varuna Residential Fellowship Recipient.

What is that? I hear you ask. Well, it’s bed and board and a writing desk for two weeks, at Varuna, the National Writer’s House in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of NSW, so I can continue working on my novel.

For me, it means two weeks just to write. Two weeks of no kids. Two weeks of no school pick ups, no ferrying to music lessons or after-school sport. Two weeks of no cooking or cleaning. Two weeks with just one bed to make, one person’s laundry to wash. Two whole weeks …

More importantly, it means someone (four people actually) liked my novel enough to give me this fellowship, and that knowledge alone is enough to keep me going …

Here are some photos from their website:

A bedroom

A bedroom

A desk

A writing desk

The garden

The garden

Nearby ...

Nearby …

I will now return you to our usual programming …




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