As of yesterday, it is official: I am a published author.

I must say, I felt thrilled and anxious at seeing my words in print for the first time. Thrilled because I want people to read what I’ve written, but anxious because people can read what I’ve written, and maybe they won’t like it … For better or worse, the stories are out there now, in black and white on the page.

A copy of ‘Jukebox’ in my hot little hands.

The ‘Jukebox’ anthology is jam-packed with vibrant poetry and prose from writers such as Annamaria Weldon, Tineke Van de Eecken, Cecily Scutt, Helen Hagemann, Kevin Gillam, Josephine Clarke, and many more. Well done to all involved at Out of the Asylum Inc for this publication!

Copies of ‘Jukebox’ can be bought from the Fremantle Arts Centre, ordered from, or contact me via this link and I can arrange to send one to you. Cost is $20, or six for the price of five.