This is a quick post to let you know I’ll be taking a break from blogging in order to concentrate on my novel.

The thing is, an agent has kindly sent me some feedback. By ‘kindly’, I mean ‘bluntly’, and by ‘some’ feedback, I mean ‘loads’, and my novel needs a huge rewrite. I’m incredibly grateful for it, though, and I’d be a fool not to take it on board as I’m bound to have a better product afterwards. I have no promises that even after the changes it will be publishable, but I’ve got to try …

As I’ve explained in other posts, to write well I need to immerse myself in my work, and when I’m thinking about my blog, it takes me out of my book. I have plenty of natural distractions and commitments (courtesy of my family!) that I can’t modify, but I might as well pare back the ones I can. That’s not to say I won’t pop in from time-to-time, maybe with the odd book review or if I need a break, and I’ll certainly return when I’m finished working on my novel.

So I’ll disappear from the internet for a while, bed down with my novel, and give it all I’ve got. I’ve started already—butcher’s paper now lines one wall of the attic and I’m surrounded by a sea of notes and paper.

Here goes, sink or swim time, and I’ll see you on the other side!