I had trouble finding a subject for my Midweek Moment this week. Nothing I snapped turned out—light too harsh; too many shadows; photo too boring; etc.

Until, I hung a bedsheet over a window. Immediately, the bright afternoon sunlight diffused, and I took this photo of coffee and brownies. My daughter has been home studying for her Year 12 mock exams, so there are two coffees, and although I don’t usually have sweet treats in the middle of the day, I’m making the sacrifice for her.

Monique’s photo is a macro shot of some buttons on an old case organ, circa 1911, in the museum in Bridgetown. She was particularly drawn to the old-fashioned font spelling out the word Trumpet. (The organ was owned by the Freemasons from 1911-1994 before being donated to the museum.)

DSC_9154 (1)

IMG_2677 (1)


Midweek Moment is a weekly photographic endeavour in which Monique Mulligan and I team up to share our favourite photos on our websites. It’s a way of stretching ourselves creatively and a nice distraction from writing. Click here for more of our Moments, and here for more of Monique’s photos from Bridgetown.