Midweek Moment has been renamed End-of-week Moment this week!

My photo is of a relatively new resident to our garden, a Mandevilla Aloha Red. I fell in love with its colour in the nursery, and it really is a bright spot in our rather bare garden.

Why is our garden bare? I’m so glad you asked because I’ve penned a little poem to answer that question:

Old Mother Allan
Kept bones by the gallon,
Which she fed to her frisky pups.
They took them and ran,
To her garden of sand,
And dug holes and filled them back up.

Mother Allan went out,
To water her sprouts
And admire her garden sweet.
But when she got there,
The garden was bare,
Dog poo, instead, under her feet.

Mother Allan had a fit,
and said, That’s it,
I’m sending you both to the pound.
Their heads they tilted,
Like lovers jilted,
And their tails hung low to the ground.

It’s not our fault we’re dogs,
And it’s our job,
To dig big holes in the ground.
And because we’re pups,
We like chewing things up,
And tearing around and around.

Please let us stay,
Because we promise, one day,
We’ll be your one best friend.
We love you and yours,
(though you’re not on all fours),
And we’ll be with you right ’til the end.

I* potted my Mandevilla about a month ago and have been carefully nurturing it, keeping it out of reach of our garden pests—I mean, dogs—and as you can see, it’s thriving. It even looks vibrant despite the clouds and rain!

Monique spotted a cluster of everlastings in the garden at her stepson’s graduation. She only had a minute to snap a couple of pics, and as she squatted in the garden to get up close to the flowers, she noticed strange looks from the other parents. (Dear Monique, I’m glad you ignored those looks. It was worth it for the photo. Love Louise. x) 

The light falls beautifully in Monique’s image: on the face of the flower, but also so the petals make shadows on each other.


IMG_3106 (1)

*Addendum: My husband wants it known that he actually potted this plant. Of course, it’s thriving because of that, and not because of my daily nurturing.

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