This week, Monique and I both found birds—well, birds of a sort …

Yesterday, I happened upon a flock of corellas in a gum tree. They’re certainly not unusual to find around here, particularly at this time of year. Normally, my bird photos are rather ordinary as birds won’t sit still for portraits, nor let me get close enough to photograph them. But this flock seemed almost tame, and weren’t even frightened of my dogs. Some of the photos turned out really well—the first set of decent bird photos I’ve ever taken. In fact, they’re so good, I might have compromised my membership of the Facebook group, Crap Bird Photography.

Monique found this ladybird and her smaller friend enjoying the apricots in her garden. They were on a piece of fruit she’d taken inside, so she transferred them to a flower and watched them scramble and climb over the petals. Like the birds—or most animals, for that matter—they were hard to photograph because they kept moving!

Monique’s apricots are ripening faster than she can pick or eat them this year, and they’re full of juice and taste like sweet balls of summer—much better than you get from supermarkets. She probably shouldn’t have told me that—she might have a visitor this weekend!

DSC_7932 (1)


Midweek Moment is a weekly photographic endeavour in which Monique Mulligan and I team up to share our favourite photos on our websites. It’s a way of stretching ourselves creatively and a nice distraction from writing. Click here for more of our Moments.