I’ve been without a camera this week, and I feel as if my third eye is missing. But after a few visits to the beach, the photos were looking rather salt-streaked, so I’ve taken it in for a clean.

This photo is from my archives—it’s the first photo I ever took in Manual mode. Actually, that’s not entirely true—it’s the first photo I ever took in Manual mode that worked. The first actual photo, and the next few after that, were completely white. I was doing a How-To-Use-Your-DSLR-Off-Auto course at UWA, and snapped this Hibiscus in the grounds. I was rather thrilled when I saw colour appear on the screen!


Monique’s photo was taken at Jarrahdale a few years ago. While her kids splashed around in Gooralong Creek, she pottered around taking photos—her family is used to her doing that these days! The tiny fern sprouting from a bed of soft moss caught her eye. Back then, she didn’t have a macro lens so the photo is not as sharp as it could have been, but she’s always liked this photo for its vibrant greens and soft effect. It’s calming. And sometimes calming is what we need.

Sometimes calming is what we need, Monique, and thank you.

Image 27-01-2016 at 5.09 pm

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