Monique and I have gone with simplicity this week.

My photo is of leaves from a yucca plant in our backyard. We planted half a dozen of these about ten years ago. At the time, they were about knee-high but, unlike most plants in our garden, they have thrived and now reach the roof of our house.

I like the green against the blue, and highlights of the leaves behind. For me, it’s vivid and striking in its simplicity.

Monique’s photo portrays simplicity, too, but in a soft, contemplative way. She spotted some dandelion flowers while walking her ageing dog the other day, and was again reminded of how fragile time and life is.

Monique used to call them ‘fairy clocks’ and believed that if she blew all the seed heads away, her wish would come true. I remember doing the same—who knows how many children’s wishes have floated away on the delicate seeds of these weeds?

IMG_3861 (1)

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