1. It’s been back-to-school here, which isn’t anywhere near as frantic as it used to be: Only half my children are still at school, I only had one school to get them back to, and they’re now old enough to do most of it themselves.

2. It did mean I could bring out my labeler for its annual churn through reels of laminated labels.


3. It also meant I could sharpen coloured pencils. No one needs coloured pencils at school anymore, but I sharpened them anyway because the smell of sharpened pencils makes me swoon.


4. 40+ºC temperatures have been forecast for Perth for most of this week. This means early morning dog walks, spending the day in air-con or water, and giving in to my Pepsi Max addiction.

5. I’m hoping that by confessing publicly that I’ve fallen off the Pepsi Max wagon, I might shame myself into giving it up. Again.

6. Back-to-school was meant to mean ‘Back-to-Writing’, but most of last week was filled with appointments and phone calls and people knocking on my door.

7. I did, however, get a solid weekend of writing. Well, it was solid writing, then solid deleting, then solid rewriting what I’d deleted, then solid shifting it about, then solid moving it back.

8. Writing this novel feels like taking two steps forward and one-and-three-quarter steps back. I find that frustrating.

9. But I’ve realised, I’m a tortoise, not a hare. That is how I write.

10. It’s also how I run. And swim. And generally move about.

11. I have a great husband, though. And kids. Which is why I could spend the weekend at my computer and no one complained.

12. And ever so slowly, slowly, I feel as if I’m inching towards the finish line. Just like the good ol’ tortoise.


Some photos from a walk around Lake Claremont last week. (This isn’t all of them, because I saved my favourite for Midweek Moment. 🙂 )

DSC_1083 (1)


DSC_1122 (1)

DSC_1127 (1)


DSC_1266 (1)

DSC_1285 (1)

And nothing beats dusk at our beautiful beach: