As I was preparing this week’s Midweek Moment, it struck me that although we live in a colossal city of concrete and bitumen and over 1.5 million people, we’re never far from a walk along the coast, around a lake, by the river, or through the bush. Our climate usually cooperates, although it’s not being kind at the moment, with 40+ºC (104º+F) forecast for the third day in a row—I feel a bit like this candle.

Monique and I managed to get out with our cameras before the heatwave hit. On one of my walks, I came across a small flock of willy wagtails. They darted from tree-to-tree as the dogs and I passed—not away from us, but alongside us. This wagtail, in particular, was playful, hopping along the fence posts.

This was my favourite photo, capturing the colour in its wings and the glint in its eye. I also like the way it’s posing—as if to show its good side for the camera.


Monique took a walk along the beach and was captivated by the light—a golden glow all around, shimmering and warming. The water was cool on her toes, the sand spongy underfoot, and on the water, kite surfers seized the remainder of the day, leaping through the air, slicing through the pond-like waters on the other side of the point.

And this little guy watched her, with curiosity and an innate wariness.


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