I went out with my camera during the week, but nothing I captured took my fancy for a Midweek Moment. So, this morning before school, I interrupted my son during his violin practice. He seemed annoyed at first, then bemused as to why I’d want to take photos of him, then keen to co-operate because I made him pose with the violin and it meant his practice was cut short.

There’s always music going on in our house, from early in the morning to late at night. At times it gets very noisy, with instruments playing and metronomes clicking and voices singing, but I love hearing it all over the house. Sometimes, the different instruments even join together and play with each other, and that’s the nicest sound of all.


This week, Monique asks: ‘What is a flower without petals? Can it still be beautiful?’

The soft, fuzzy texture of this flower caught her eye. It reminded her of ageing, of the way we are all young with soft, unlined skin one day, and then time dresses us differently. She wondered if this seed head still had value or was it doomed to be invisible in a sea of younger, prettier flowers.

Then she saw its value: the tiny seeds inside, that will give life to a new generation.

I agree: A flower without petals is beautiful, just for being.


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