Despite giving my camera a couple of outings this week, none of the photos I took jumped out at me for a ‘Midweek Moment’. So, once again, it was a last-minute job—this time in the garden at about 6:45 yesterday morning.

The hot summer has taken its toll and our roses are wilting, yet I still find them beautiful. Monique often writes about the beauty of the ageing flower, and I tried to capture it. I thought this rose was particularly elegant—the browned edges of its petals curling like paper, and the darker pink outline looking as fine as if it had been painted there deliberately.


At the end of a humid Sydney day, Monique walked down to the beach with her sister. She was captured by the flowers on the cliffs looking over Maroubra Beach, and the way they reached for the sun. Around her, people were reaching for the sun in their own ways: in the water, swimming and surfing; walking and strolling; closing their eyes in meditative poses; and greeting the sun with yoga poses.


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