Last Friday was the opening of my friend, Mia Laing‘s, art exhibition. She’s exhibiting her paintings along with two other artists, Jan Brown and Alicia Gorey.

Mia and I did a parenting course together when our eldest children were in early primary school. We rarely saw each other for a few years after that, as our kids went in separate directions, but we met up again after we both made mid-life career changes to pursue our art. Although I write and don’t paint, I find spending time with Mia refreshing—creative people ‘get’ each other, regardless of the type of art they pursue.

I hope Mia doesn’t mind that I’ve chosen one of her co-exhibitor’s paintings for this week’s MM: It was difficult to take a good shot as the gallery was packed with people for the opening, and I didn’t want to ask other guests to step out of the way while I took a photo! I just had to snap and hope no one walked into the picture!

The painting in this photo is by Jan Brown and is titled, Girl in Studio. Some of Mia’s paintings are in the background, and I’ll post more photos of her art later.


Monique snapped this photo just after sunrise when she popped out to capture a beautiful jewel-like spider in its web. Unfortunately, spiders move and the photos didn’t work out as well as she’d hoped, but this photo of a head of wild grass that’s popped up in her native garden did.

The combination of light and water created a shimmering effect and softness, and enhance its natural beauty. The colours are also striking, and once again, she’s shown us how it’s all about the detail.


By the way, Mia, Alicia, and Jan’s art exhibition, Three Palettes, is on at Moore’s Gallery, Henry Street, Fremantle, until 17th April.

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