I was just going to reblog a post I wrote on ‘Coping With Negative Feedback On Your Writing’ for the Booklength Project Group (BLPG), but then I thought I might as well give a plug for the group, which I convene.

We meet at Mattie’s House, part of the Federation of Writers of Western Australia (FAWWA), Kirkwood Road, Swanbourne, on the third Sunday of every month. We’re a group for writers who are working on longer projects.

Our projects are at various stages of development—some of us are just starting, some have completed a first draft, and some are finished and looking for a publisher. The projects include fiction, non-fiction, memoir, biography, and short story collections. Some writers have been published already, and others are new to writing. We meet for discussion and support, and often invite local authors, publishers, and editors to talk to us about writing and the publishing industry.

Our website has a few useful links, particularly for Perth-based writers, but writers from anywhere might find them useful, too. For instance, ‘Coping with Negative Feedback on Your Writing‘ is something all writers have to deal with on the pathway to publication.

We always welcome new people to our group—experienced or inexperienced—so please come along if you’re Perth-based and are writing, or want to write, a booklength project!

You’ll find more information on our website.

Mattie's House

Some photos of Mattie’s House, where we meet.