This week I’m posting a series of photos for our Midweek Moment:

While walking the dogs yesterday, I noticed a kookaburra sitting alone on the branch of an old gum tree.


It tilted its head as if contemplating life at the lake


willy wagtail perched on a nearby branch and began to chirp. 


Although the kookaburra seemed slightly irritated by the intrusion, it paid no attention to the wagtail. So, the wagtail hopped closer and chirped louder.


When the kookaburra continued to ignore the wagtail, it hopped even closer and chirped louder still. 


The kookaburra did not ruffle a feather so the wagtail began to dart at the kookaburra.



But even that assault did not fluster the bigger bird—it stayed as it was, steadfastly looking the other way. 


The wagtail darted two or three times, but it seemed to realise the kookaburra wasn’t going to react, and gave up and flew off, presumably to look for another bird to join in its game. 


Leaving the kookaburra alone again on the branch, to gaze out over the lake and contemplate life.



I want to be like that kookaburra.

Monique has chosen a macro shot of the centre of a flower that prompted her to write:

‘Walking through a Dunsborough garden, my eye landed on this brightly coloured flower. As you know, I love flower photos, but I decided to approach this from a different angle, and try to use the light as a tool. I like the result – it pops out, almost as if the stamen are embracing the light. Often our eyes are drawn to the way flowers are “dressed” with petals vibrant or delicate, soft or firm, but the inner part of flowers has its own beauty and even more complexity. A bit like people, isn’t it? There’s a lot more to us than our outward appearance – our clothing, hairstyles, shoes and accessories might say some things about us – but inside, there are hopes, dreams, fears, regrets, attitudes and values that few people really get the full measure of.’

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