Without each other’s knowledge, both Monique and I went out bird-spotting this week:

Monique visited the Wellard Wetlands, near Baldivis, and recommends it for those who love bird-spotting and taking photos. The bird life was relatively quiet because it was the middle of the day, and there are several tracks, and some bird hides for safe viewing. As she walked, her senses were teased by the bird calls, the rich, earthy smell of the wet ground, and the whisper-light breeze.

MM43 (1)

This bird on a rock caught her eye, probably because there weren’t many other birds around, and the few there were flighty (no pun intended) and took off as soon as she approached. This one, however, remained on its rocky perch. She loved, too, the water ripples, which lend to the contemplative effect of the photo.

I, too, was struck by this photo. It’s simple and clear, but there’s something peaceful about it. Birds seem to enjoy being alone as much as they enjoy being together, and water reflections always invite contemplation, maybe because of the stillness.

My photo, on the other hand, has a sense of movement. While waiting for my son yesterday, I took a stroll around Lake Monger. It was that time before sunset when everything has a golden glow. The birds were feeding or resting, and although I thought I was keeping a respectful distance, I ventured too close and a flock took off. I hadn’t meant to disturb them, but it gave me the chance to snap these two ducks in flight.

Version 2

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