Monique and I are trying something different this week: Instead of posting a single photo, we’re posting a series. By bringing you more photos, we’ll (hopefully) give you more enjoyment!

I spotted these flowers in St Kilda Botanical Gardens when I was in Melbourne last week. I presume it’s a native plant, but I have no idea what type it is. I was intrigued by its spikes and by the tendrils that seemed to arch protectively over its centre. Walking through the gardens on that wintry Melbourne day, it stood out. Surely, this is the reason Mother Nature gives us flowers—to brighten cloudy days. It’s nothing to do with attracting bees!



DSC_2224 (1)



This week Monique’s been digging deep into the characters of her novel, wondering how they’ll react to a shock revelation. She wants to offer different perspectives, so she’s been asking herself, ‘What is this character feeling and what will she do?’ and, ‘What will her husband do? And her friend?’ So she’s been looking at the same incident from different angles.

She worked in the same way when she took her camera out to the garden at her work to shoot some images of a budding flower. The bud was covered in dew drops, so she got in nice and close. She’s realised that macro shots are her favourite, and her preference for them mirrors the way she writes.

Here’s a sneak preview of Monique’s photos, and believe me, the rest are just as special, so please visit her blog to see them.

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