Monique and I love the opportunities the rain brings, although I’m more of a summer person—well, most of me is, except my skin. Blue skies are inviting, and I feel more energetic, and want to venture out for walks and photos. I whinge when it’s grey and cold, and especially when it’s raining and I have to walk the dogs. But once I’m out and walking, I feel better, and afterwards, I feel great! Wet and cold, but great! It’s more the thought than the actual doing.

It was raining yesterday when I walked, but despite that, everything was shimmering. I took a leaf (pardon the pun) from Monique’s book, and zoomed in close for some macro shots of a lavender bush. I didn’t realise raindrops could be so tiny, or that so many could fit on a single leaf or petal or stalk.

Even under a grey sky, there’s still much to be found that’s beautiful.








Without discussing it, rain was the inspiration for both our photos. Monique took her camera to work and snapped a few macro shots before getting stuck into all things dry and marketing. Being creative was a great way to start the day – it gave her a little zing when she saw how well these drops on a rose stem had turned out.

If you look at the drops, you can see the sky and clouds:

MM46 (1)

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