They might be a bit late, but our Moments this week are still and serene:

Earlier in the week, I spent an hour down at the lake photographing the bird life. I find that place so soothing, not just for the images of water, birds, and plant life, but also for the scents, the sounds of the birds calling and their wings flapping, and the sense of stillness.

The other day was especially peaceful. I was without the dogs for a change, and the day was cloudy. The surface of the lake was like glass and the reflections of the ducks and stalks were almost as distinct as the birds and plants themselves.

I sat very still, hoping the birds might forget I was there and come closer, but they didn’t—they were wary of the stranger in their midst, so all of these shots were taken with a zoom.

Version 2

Version 2

DSC_3133 (1)

DSC_3131 (1)

DSC_3132 (1)

DSC_3158 (1)

It must be breeding season, because there were two of these:

Version 2

They were looking for food.

Version 2

Off again.

Version 2

Monique’s working on a number of writing projects at the moment, from editing an anthology to proofreading a book on “home staging”, from writing book reviews to scribbling down scenes for her novel whenever she can snatch a moment. By the end of the week, her mind is somewhat foggy and in need of a declutter—she might have to take some advice from the “home staging” book and sort her thoughts into Move, Keep, Discard and Sell. (I like that idea!)

She’s sharing this landscape photo, shot on a rainy afternoon along the Blackwood River, for two reasons. One, the misty world of the river reminded her of her mind this week. And two, her novel’s setting is inspired by a town along this river. Just after she took this photo, she had an amusing (in hindsight) encounter with the local geese that has made its way into her novel.

MM47 (2)

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