It’s mid-winter and even in sunny Perth the moss is flourishing. It’s crept into our garden—over and between the pavers on the shady side of the house, and up the retaining walls. At the Lake the other day, I spotted it climbing the tree trunks, as if to keep them warm. Nature’s blanket.

The vibrancy of the colour is as it was and these photos needed no adjustment. Truly a bright spot of winter.

The first three photos are of the same mossy area on the tree trunk, taken at different focal lengths and apertures. As I was snapping, the sun came out from behind a cloud and made the shoots glow.




The corrugations and texture in this next photo give the trunk an aged appearance.


Lastly, in this one the patch of moss in the middle seems to catch the light.


Monique writes:

It’s cool and damp today. The perfect day for reading, writing and watching movies. If I didn’t have to catch up on proofreading the Writing the Dream anthology, I’d be doing any or all of those things. I’ve had three days’ work at a full-on dance festival that has sapped my energy for people, and the grey weather is perfect for the inside me.


So, why have I chosen to share this picture? Taken late winter, when the wintry sun blanketed the late afternoon with a golden glow, it is a picture that fills me with warmth on this cool day. It’s telling me that after all the work, there will be joy, there will be rewards, and my writer’s heart will be full.


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