Monique and I have gone in opposite directions in more ways than one this week. Due to the cold weather, I kept my camera inside, while Monique spent time outdoors in Balingup. Mine’s also a little, shall we say, abstract, whereas Monique’s is real and sharp as a pin.

I deliberately blurred some shots this week to see how they turned out and was surprisingly pleased with the outcomes. I thought they were quite artistic, in an abstract kind of way, although not everyone might agree.

Without scrolling down too far, any idea what the subject of these photos might be?



No idea? These might be more helpful:



Need more clues?



I suspect these will give it away:

Version 2


Now for the final reveal:




Yes, it’s a gorgeous pastel banksia.

Monique’s played hers a bit straighter than me. She lugged her camera to Balingup’s Telling Tales festival last weekend in anticipation of some misty morning shots. The mist didn’t materialise, and it rained on and off during the weekend, so the camera ended up being a bit of an inconvenience at times. More than once, she wished she’d left it in the cabin. Why? She had to move to different locations for her workshops and carrying all her gear, including an umbrella, became a little tiresome. Luckily, though, she persevered, or she wouldn’t have got this shot.

She found a little waterfall outside a goldsmith shop in Balingup, and while she was waiting for children to arrive for her session, she amused herself by playing with different shutter speeds. This one had a very fast shutter speed, and look how glass-like the water is. Later on, she tried to capture an image of a raindrop falling, but that was less successful.

IMG_5055 (1)

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