We’ve taken time out from our busy lives to capture our ‘midweek moments’ this week.

Although winter seems to have returned today, we had a break from it earlier in the week. The mornings were still bracing, but for a few days the skies were blue and cloudless, and I even walked the dogs in short sleeves. Out and about, I noticed the flame trees and wisteria already in bloom, and in our garden the daisies are beginning to bud and flower, a reminder that spring is just around the corner. Even though this is our seventeenth year in this state, the brevity and mildness of the Western Australian winter still catches me by surprise—just when I’ve had enough of the gloomy skies, the weather seems to read my mind and provide some warmth and sun.

The other night, during the ‘golden hour’ before sunset, I slipped out in the middle of cooking dinner and took a few photos of our garden.






Monique has also been out between the rain showers last weekend. Blue Eyes weeded the vegie patch and Monique picked lemons, mandarins and oranges. She had so many lemons that she’s frozen two bags of them—and given away more than that. While out there, she found this baby snail enjoying the curvy, yellow world of a fallen lemon. Imagine her, on her knees on damp mulch, getting as low to the ground as she could to take a picture of this curious creature. He kept moving!

She says it’s not a perfect picture, but whenever she looks at it, she remembers hanging out with Blue Eyes in the garden, slowing down from her busy life, and breathing in the fresh, rain-scented air.

I think it’s a great picture—the colours are vibrant and you can see the details in the shell and on the skin of the slug and lemon. Snails are perfect reminders to slow down!

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