Monique and I have chosen shots that indicate the recent weather patterns. It can’t make up its mind—rain to sunshine to rain again. It’s glorious one day—blue sky and warm enough for short sleeves—and the next it’s wild and wet again and we need our winter woollens.

I took this photo last week while I was waiting for my son to run into the shop. I had my camera in the car with me, and the head and tail lights of the cars going by shone through the raindrops on the windscreen—I’m obviously drawn to windscreens at the moment! It’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but let’s call it abstract art …

DSC_4927 (1)

Monique’s photo will elevate your mood as it captures the opposite end of the weather spectrum:

Last weekend she and her husband took advantage of spring-like weather and drove to York, not quite two hours from where they live. They were on a mission to find wildflowers. It took more than two hours to get to their final destination because they kept stopping to take photos. The canola was in full glory and she took photo after photo of sweeping fields of gold. She chose this photo because the sprig of canola pops out from the field.

The other wildflowers, particularly the fields of everlasting daisies they’d heard so much about, looked as if they were yet to bloom—maybe in a week or so the area will be bursting with colour.

I love this photo of a golden field on a sunny day, and how the flower is in focus and stands out from the rest of the field.

MM54 (1)

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