At the lake where I walk, about halfway around the path there’s gap in the fence. If I nip through, there’s a dirt track that takes me past the line of Moreton Bay figs, out through the rushes, and into a marshy area that juts out into the lake. I need my proper walking boots on this track as it gets muddy after rain, and I can only follow it when I’m on my own, without my canine walking companions.

Once there, by the water’s edge and amongst the reeds and balga, it’s easy to forget that I’m in the midst of a busy suburb. I took this shot of a tranquil sunset a couple of nights’ ago.


DSC_5151 (1)

At the moment, the lake is full after the heavy rains, and it’s bustling with life because it’s breeding season. I happened across this family of swans but they spotted me and made off—in their graceful, unhurried, swan-like way—before I could photograph them on the water.

Version 2


Monique says she’s not a lover of hot weather. Summer drains her, and she longs for cooler days. But when her hands are too cold to type and she has to drink copious cups of tea just to warm them up, she yearns for a bit of warmth in the air.

This photo reminds her that warmer days are coming, and just looking at it, with its golden glow and dark shadows, makes her feel warmer. Although, she hastens to add, that could also be the heater that is currently warming her feet.

MM55 (1)

I love Monique’s shot—it certainly has that summer sunset glow about it.

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