We’re giving Midweek Moment a miss this week as Monique’s been flat-out at work. I thought I’d bring you some photos anyway, in the hope they’ll brighten your day as they did mine.

Some weeks I find it hard to squeeze in the time for photography, especially when deadlines loom with work and writing, or my family has a bunch of commitments.

It’s especially hard at this time of year, when I’m tired and just want to flop and rest. I’m running out of creative ideas and I don’t have the energy to think up new ones.

This week, the weather’s not helped either—it’s been stormy and cold, and I haven’t wanted to leave the house.

However, the other day I forced myself to pull out my camera and head down to the lake with the dogs. I was rewarded with a magnificent sight! The water was filled with swans and ducks and coots and their families.


I watched this family for ages—the young paddling around and about their mother, feeding as they went, but never straying too far. Meanwhile, their mother kept a watchful eye, calling them back if they drifted too far. Much like human families.


Mostly, they were feeding—ducking under the water in search of food, emerging with their beaks stuffed with weeds.


I fell in love with them. Especially the cygnets.





I was tempted to bring them home—I had a couple of big pockets in my coat. Just for a little while. They could have swum in the pool.

My kids would have told me off*, but been secretly thrilled, I know it. The dogs would have been salivating, though. And the cygnets’ mother would have been bereft. I don’t think the Ranger would have been too pleased, either.

So, I left them in peace and went home, once again enraptured by nature and grateful at having it so close.

*The kids said they would not have told me off.


As Monique’s work with Serenity Press takes off, we may not be able to bring you a regular Midweek Moment. Nevertheless, we shall do our best to bring you as many photos as we can, when we can!