I love our Moments this week:

I decided to experiment with water, so I took my camera to a nearby park and photographed the drink fountain, as you do. The sun was high and the light was bright, but I still had to increase the ISO for a shutter speed fast enough to capture individual water drops. Caught like this, the water seemed to shine. The only thing I wish I’d done differently, is polish the fountain before taking the shot!

This week, Monique’s husband started pulling up garlic from their garden. When she spotted some bunches drying on the pool table, she ran inside to get her camera. The soil hanging off the roots gives the image an earthy, rustic feel.

Monique says they haven’t grown a lot of veggies in their garden, and this hasn’t been their best year, but it’s hard to beat the feeling of bringing in freshly picked fruit and veggies from the backyard.

I must say, it’s a wistful dream of mine to have a garden and grow veggies—one day, when the dogs have stopped digging it up …


DSC_7766 (1)


IMG_3298 (1)

Midweek Moment is a weekly photographic endeavour in which Monique Mulligan and I team up to share our favourite photos on our websites. It’s a way of stretching ourselves creatively and a nice distraction from writing. Click here for more of our Moments.