It’s our birthday: one year of Midweek Moments!


Sometimes it’s been hard to find the time, and it’s certainly required thought to come up with a unique photo each week, but Monique and I agree that this little project of ours has been worth the effort. Not only has our photography improved, but looking for photo opportunities has made us view our surroundings with new eyes, and notice details that previously wouldn’t have registered—the patterns in a petal, the hairs on a stalk, or the way the light glows gold at sunset.

Aside from the photography, it’s been a pleasure to get to know Monique through images as well as words.

In celebration of our anniversary, we’re doing something different: we’ve prepared a retrospective of our three favourite photos of the past year. However, instead of choosing photos from our own contributions, we’ve swapped: I’ve chosen three favourites from Monique’s photos, and she’s chosen three from mine. The biggest issue we had was coming up with only three …

Therefore, without further ado, here are my three favourite photos from Monique’s Midweek Moments (in no particular order):

1. Week 15: Garlic that Monique’s husband had just dug up from their garden

I love the earthy freshness of this image, which, for me, captures Monique and her love of cooking and gardening. I yearn to be a gardener, but everything I grow seems to die, partly because of the dogs and their digging habit, and partly because I’m Tasmanian and not used to sandy soil or a climate in which one must water their garden.

IMG_3298 (1)


2. Week 44: Leaf with water droplets

The water in this photo looks as if it’s bubbling, and the blurred background and bokeh give this image a dreamlike atmosphere. I found it difficult to choose between this image and Monique’s contribution to Week 9, a tulip covered with water droplets.

MM44 (1)


3. Week 32: A seed pod Monique found on a friend’s driveway

I loved the softness of this image, which I think is due to the white background and the soft browns and creams. I also like the detail we can see inside the pod.



Now, it’s over to Monique and her choices from my contribution to Midweek Moments:

1. Week 9: Rose Concerto

Monique thought this image had a lovely composition and the dusky pink rose made it a photo she kept coming back to. ‘It’s soft, romantic and the rose almost looks like it’s floating,’ she wrote.



2. Week 36: Beach at sunset

Monique adored the soft romantic quality of this photo and said it prompted her to get out of her comfort zone and play around with shutter speed. ‘I love that burst of colour in the corner that is reflected on the sand.’

(I must add that this photo makes me wistful: it was one of the last photos taken with my old camera before it ended up in the ocean at the spot depicted here.)

DSC_3028 (3)


3. Week 41: Country road and fence

Monique says there’s much about this image she loves. ‘The vibrant colours, the sense of invitation and promise … and just the fact that it’s a wooden gate.’ It made her want to go traipsing through the countryside.

Version 2


We hope you’ve enjoyed our year of Midweek Moments as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. Please continue to pop over and see what we’ve posted!


About Midweek Moment:

Monique Mulligan and I are writers who share a passion for photography. As a creative digression from the written word, each week we share our favourite photos in a ‘Midweek Moment’. Please click over to Monique’s website to view more of her photography and read her writing. If you’d like to see more of our moments, click here.