I’ve been working hard on my novel for the past couple of weeks, so I was going to use one of last week’s photos for our MM. However, today I felt the urge to step away from the computer and take a long walk with my canines and camera.

It’s never easy lugging a camera, lenses, and two dogs on leads, and to top it off, the day was windy, too. Nevertheless, I managed to capture this macro shot of the corolla of a flower. The blurred edges give the photo depth, as if it’s in 3-D, and the slight swirl of the petals give it movement. I’ve cropped the photo, but the colour and light are as it came.


Monique writes about her photo:

‘Sometimes I photograph things on the spot, but when I found this seed pod in a friend’s driveway, I knew I wanted to save it for a macro subject. What was inside? How close could I get? I love the way my 60mm macro lens gets into the finer details and now I’m tossing up whether to invest in the 100mm lens. I’m definitely a details person … sometimes you just have to sweat the small stuff.’

This is one of my favourite MM photos—I love its softness. The white background and the delicate hairs on the seeds remind me of a baby photo.



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