I’ve been experimenting with slow shutter speeds this week. The results haven’t always worked, but I think I’m improving.

Yesterday was wet and dull, but as the sun went down, the clouds parted enough for me to take this photo:

DSC_3028 (3)

However, I thought I could get a better shot, and returned to the same spot at dawn this morning.

For the record: I wish I’d stayed in bed.

I won’t go into details, except to say that I don’t hold a grudge against the rogue wave that caught me and my camera by surprise.

I’ll also say that it would have been an amazing photo.

I was rather wet and sandy when I returned home, not to mention upset. My husband tried to make me feel better by telling me that at least the camera would be covered by insurance, not like the last time I cost us a lot of money.

He was referring to the time all six of us were booked on a flight from London to Rome and I insisted we take the train to Gatwick Airport instead of wasting money on a cab. Due to a series of mishaps (which weren’t all my fault), we missed our flight.

Looking on the bright side, I believe bad experiences are a learning opportunity. That day at Gatwick Airport, I learnt that six new plane tickets are more expensive than a taxi fare. And this morning I learnt:

1. Cameras don’t like being dunked in salt water, even briefly.
2. Trying to get closer isn’t always worth it.

In honour of my camera, here’s the last photo it ever took:


RIP Camera

This week seems to have been a week for mishaps: Monique discovered she’s not allergic to bee stings when she was stung by a bee looking for pollen in a strange place … a sock in her clean washing. After the initial sting, she was fine and, like me and the wave, she bears no hard feelings towards her little friends who pollinate her veggie patch.

In this week’s photo, she was able to get gloriously close to a passionfruit flower and a bee. She tried for an action shot, but in the end, this one of a fat little bee on an exotic flower won her over.


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