We’ve had rain! So much that it made the news. The lake where I walk the dogs had dried up over the summer. Its basin was baked hard by the heat and had fissured, and it was littered with craggy tree trunks. It looked quite desolate—until the rain.

It’s not full yet—as you can see, the water only reaches just past the swan’s ankles—but it’s nice to see reflections in the surface again and the birds’ wings splash as they take flight.


I took this photo with the zoom lens, while my camera and I were safely on terra firma. I won’t be taking my camera near water, especially water with waves, for a very long while. Those who’ve been following Midweek Moment will know I had a little accident last week, which resulted in my camera taking a very quick dip in the ocean, from which it couldn’t be resuscitated. I’ve replaced it and I’ve learnt my lesson: I won’t risk me and a camera near water again!

Monique spotted this lizard sunning itself on a rock while walking at Mt Vincent (near Jarrahdale, WA), looking for wildflowers to photograph. It seemed curious about her, and allowed her to get very close. It was like a game in which they tested boundaries and comfort zones, but finally, just after she snapped this picture, the lizard reached its tipping point and scurried off.


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